3 Reasons Why You Should Choose ePub Over PDF

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You’ve finished the content for your eBook and you’re ready to publish.  It’s time to plan your digital release.  Where will you release it?  And, more importantly, in what format will you release it? Whether you’re doing a simultaneous print release or staying strictly digital, here are three reasons to consider choosing the ePub 3 format over PDF: 

ePub provides a better reading experience across more devices. 

ePub files are able to scale their content flow. So readers on a iPhone will have just as comfortable an experience as readers on a laptop.  As will readers on tablets and smart phone readers who prefer a larger font.  A PDF on the other hand can only be scaled as a whole—meaning users on small screens will have to choose between squinting or only having a small part of the page on their screen at once.  

ePub 3 files also allow you to include media such as video and audio.  These eBooks can even include interactive materials and links to webpages.  In addition to creating a more dynamic experience for your readers, this will give you more opportunities to connect with them.  You can direct them to your online presence or to other content they may enjoy. 

ePubs offer a more accessible experience 

ePub files are made up of HTML, just like the internet.  That means that the content accessibility standards of the internet can easily be applied to an ePub.  There are some great tools to help with this, such as ACE by Daisy.  

Providing your readers will an accessible experience is a great way to build marketshare and connect with a larger audience.  There are even booksellers and services, like Bookshare, that specialize in offering accessible eBooks.  The benefits of publishing an accessible eBook can be massive. 

ePub is widely used among eBook sellers and compatible with most devices and software. 

Yes, just about anyone can open a PDF.  And yes, you can open a PDF on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. But not all eReaders can open a PDF.  Furthermore, most users tend to read their eBooks within a designated application. And those applications tend to prefer the ePub format. 

Online eBook sellers also prefer ePubs.   This is partly because they are compatible with so many eReaders and partly because they offer functionality and an intuitive reading experience.  Choosing the ePub format will give you more options for eBook sellers and can help you reach a larger audience. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose ePub Over PDF
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