How to Talk to Clients about Web Accessibility

illustration of a person using a computer with the accessibility logo on screen

You’re a web developer. Your clients expect you to be an expert on all things web development. So it’s up to you to make sure that when it comes to the details of their big project, they’re making good decisions. 

That’s especially important when it comes to accessibility.  Many people don’t give much thought as to whether their products or content are accessible.  But, as the web expert, it’s your job to make sure your client understands the importance of having an accessible site—and the risks associated with not having one! 

The Art of the Pitch

Selling your clients on web accessibility might be easier said than done.  You may get some pushback, particularly if your client is in a less tech-focused industry.  Some clients may also have a set way of doing things, such as email marketing, that they don’t want to change—even if that set way isn’t inclusive. 

When addressing these clients, it’s important to be informative about the risks while emphasizing the benefits.  You don’t want to come off as trying to scare your clients into agreeing with you, after all.  And the benefits of accessibility are a much more exciting talking point anyway.  

Accessibility Meets Opportunity  

Web accessibility lawsuits are becoming a more common concern for businesses.  And these businesses are going to be looking for assurances that the web developers they hire or contract with are able to create and maintain a product that won’t be targeted in those lawsuits. In other words, web developers with experience in web accessibility will soon be in high demand. 

If you are a new or junior web developer consider adding an accessibility-focused project to your portfolio.  There are also certifications, like WAS, that you can achieve to really set yourself apart from the competition.

How to Talk to Clients about Web Accessibility
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