What are ePub Assessments?

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You’ve probably heard that ePubs are able to contain things that regular books and eBooks can’t. Things like video, audio and MathML. But there is another feature that is becoming more popular among publishers of ePubs that really changes the way we think about eBooks: Assessments. 

Assessments are short interactive quizzes or learning checks that can be added between sections. They allow authors and creators to provide a more guided approach to their topics and ensure student comprehension.  ePub Assessments can contain additional course materials including images, video and audio.  And, they’re automated so they don’t create more work for instructors.  

 A Customized Reading Experience

ePub Assessments don’t just help students direct their learning—they can also help sculpt students’ reading experience to better fit their existing knowledge. Imagine an instructor is teaching a course that is offered to both majors and non-majors of the subject. There could be prerequisite information that is useful to the non-majors but unnecessary for most of the majors. The eBook could feature an Assessment that could quickly determine which students should view the prerequisite information.  

For another example, imagine a student is struggling with a particular section.  The Assessment tool could direct that student to an additional module that explains the section differently.  This is doubly beneficial because students who didn’t struggle with the section can move through it quickly without leaving other students behind.  

Looking Toward the Future 

Assessments make course materials smarter.  They help students get more out of their reading experience.  And they have the ability to give students a more personalized reading experience without creating more work for instructors.  Tools like this can have a huge impact on student success. With more teachers bringing technology into the classroom, it’s easier than ever for students to find something that fits their unique style of learning.

What are ePub Assessments?
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