Accessible eBooks Are For Everyone.

illustration of a group of people using tablets and assistive devices

Content Made with Everyone in Mind

For a long time, readers who were blind would need to seek either braille editions or raised print editions.  These editions, if they existed at all, were printed in very limited quantities and could be very expensive.  Audio books are another option, but again, not every book will be made into an audio book. 

Accessible eBooks can eliminate the need for these alternative printings by making one edition that can work for everyone. Properly configured, an accessible eBook can be used by a screenreader or offer a braille output.  And best of all, users don’t need to buy any sort of special edition to utilize these features. 

Accessible eBooks take things like color contrast into consideration, ensuring that low vision readers and colorblind readers are able to perceive all of the content. The dynamic nature of eBooks also make it possible to provide a more flexible experience, which can make for a much better experience for readers with dyslexia.  And, when properly configured, eBooks provide reference points to their print versions, so students using eBooks won’t have trouble staying in sync with their classmates using print editions. 

Opening The Door For Readers with Motor Difficulties 

For some readers, holding a book or turning the pages of a book can present a barrier to entry.   However, eReaders and eBook software can provide users with different ways to interface with content.  When properly configured, eBooks can be controlled using keyboard navigation, which makes them accessible to users with motor difficulty. 

Broadening the Conversation

Above all, these options provide users with the flexibility to access content in the way that works best for them.  These features represent inclusion.  And they allow for more people to access your content—and they allow more people to participate in the discussion of that content. 

Accessible eBooks Are For Everyone.
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