What is Exactly is an LMS (Learning Management System)?

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What is an LMS? 

An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a special Content Management System (CMS) geared toward interactive educational content or training materials.  When you think about educational content, you may picture university and school settings, but more and more businesses are beginning to utilize Learning Management Systems for their training materials.  That’s because these systems can provide new levels of functionality and help learners, whether they be employees or students, connect with their materials in new ways. 

What Can an LMS Do? 

An LMS lets you organize, create, and deliver educational content.   Users get a dynamic interactive learning experience with quick feedback.  And administrative users can assess student or employee progress and performance with learning content and assessments. And, many of these systems are cloud-based. So you can access your educational content from any connected device.

Imagine having a growing library of educational and training resources for your team, all in one centralized location. You can utilize interactive learning assessments, such as quizzes—or more traditional materials like written content or videos. A learning management system can also enable collaboration and interaction between users, creating a more engaging learning experience and a further facilitating knowledge transfer.

Who Are Learning Management Systems For? 

Simply put, an LMS can offer great efficiency gains for just about any business or organization.  Learning Management Systems can automate and optimize the onboarding process, so businesses can be more scalable.  And they provide a great way for businesses to encourage and track employee development.  Because these tools don’t just deliver knowledge transfer, they help create reusable materials that your business can continue to circulate. 

What is Exactly is an LMS (Learning Management System)?
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