The Benefits of Content Validation

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Content Validation is an important part of any workflow.  Validation ensures that content-breaking errors don’t make it through to delivery and helps catch things that human eyes might miss.  And, when executed skillfully, it can also help improve returns and even grow your business.  Here are three ways this can happen.

Increased Output Accuracy 

A vendor or validation specialist that understands the content and business standards associated with your workflow can build validations that ensure that your content is perfect every time.  This type of validation doesn’t just look for show stoppers or content-breaking errors but also identifies best practice violations and places where guidelines aren’t being followed.  The result is a workflow that consistently outputs accurate and highly functional content.

Recognize Patterns and Build Solutions 

Well-crafted validation systems can provide you with detailed errors and warnings that make it much easier to identify patterns and pain points. Recognizing these patterns can make it easier to design upstream solutions to optimize workflows and reduce the level of manual intervention. Logictran likes to use this information to identify good processes to automate—further optimizing the workflow.

Speed Up Manual Intervention

Those detailed errors we talked about can also significantly speed up any manual QA that needs to be done. They provide a clear indication of what’s wrong, where it exists in the content, and how to fix it. So QA professionals don’t need to waste time searching for the exact line that needs correction. And they don’t need to spend time diagnosing or trouble shooting, either. They simply follow the intuitive instructions to correct the error.

The Benefits of Content Validation
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