4 Reasons to Love eBooks

eReader in front of a stack of books

There’s a lot to love about eBooks. Whether you read exclusively on screens or just pick up digital editions from time to time.  Here are 4 of our favorite unique benefits to the digital side of reading:

They Don’t Take Up Space

It’s a lot easier to find space in one’s pockets or bag for a tablet, phone, or eReader than it is for a standard book.  Sure, a one hundred page paperback can be slipped into a particularly large back pocket.  But a full sized novel?  A textbook?   Whether you’re a student, responsible for transporting a large quantity of books everyday or you happen to find yourself in a waiting room, eBooks make it easy to take your stories and content with you. 

Easy to Purchase Anywhere…

It’s late at night and all of the local shops are closed.  But you’ve just finished the second book in a series and you’re dying to know what happens next.  Not a problem!  Digital book marketplaces are open 24/7.  You don’t even need to leave the house!  This benefit is particularly notable with COVID-19 still disrupting retail storefronts.  With eBook marketplaces, you don’t have to worry about limited capacity or adjusted hours—simply log on and download the content you’re looking for. 

And Easy to Read Anywhere 

If there isn’t enough light in the room, you’ve got a backlit screen.  If the print is too small, just make it bigger. Digital books bring modern comforts to reading that print books simply cannot.  

More Accessible Than Print

For some people, print versus digital isn’t a matter of preference.  For people with low vision or motor disabilities, print books can be anywhere from uncomfortable to impossible to read.  And that’s why simultaneous digital releases are a great thing for the reading community as a whole.  When a book is available both in print and as an eBook, more people are able to read it at release.  And that’s a good thing for everyone.

4 Reasons to Love eBooks
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