Is Your Organization Using Alt Text?

Every business has documents. If you’re a smaller company, you might not see the harm in using images without Alt Text in these internal documents. After all, they’re internal, right? And you’re not aware of anyone on your team who uses a screen reader. So what’s the harm? 

The most obvious reason to start using Alt Text is simply that your team’s needs may change.  You may hire someone that uses assistive technology or the needs of your existing team may change.  Having a diverse team is a huge benefit to any organization and if your organization isn’t built with inclusivity in mind, you may miss out on that benefit.  

Alt Text Compliance Isn’t One Size Fits All

The less obvious reason is compliance.  The accessibility of your internal documents may not be a problem right now but you never know what the future may hold.  Different industries and regions have different standards.  For example, government organizations—and the businesses they work with—are subject to Section 508 guidelines.  And as you might have guessed, those guidelines require electronic communications and documents to be accessible. 

Adding Alt Text doesn’t have to be a negative thing, though.  Adding this step to your documentation best practices will help your employees think more critically about the images they include in their documentation—and the purpose of those images.   And thoughtful, inclusively designed documentation is a strong resource for any business.  

Is Your Organization Using Alt Text?
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