We Optimize Every Step of Your Content’s Journey

Logictran is a Minneapolis-based software consulting company employing talent all over the world. We provide consulting for leading publishers and Fortune 100 companies.

At Logictran, we use software, expertise, and our passion for technology to bring solutions and value to every step of your content’s journey.  We believe that improvement should never mean more work for your team.  That’s why we make sure our software and processes are seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow. 

We build software to optimize workflows.  Software that brings automation to content validation, content transformations, content management—or any of the unique pain points in our clients’ processes.  We build tools, efficiency, and optimization. 

The world of technology moves quickly.  Our experts understand this. That’s why we follow emerging trends closely and build solutions that take the future into consideration—through our content standards and our software solutions.  

Accessibility is extremely important to our team.  We build the highest accessibility compliance into every standard we create.  And we offer standalone accessibility consulting and content accessibility services as well. 

Most importantly, we are a software company that understands the importance of a human touch.  From accessibility specialists to content QA professionals to smart consulting with our team of seasoned content experts, we bring voices you can trust to every project.  We give you the efficiency of automation—without sacrificing the discerning eye of a seasoned professional. 

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