Accessibility Content Model

Create an Accessibility Content Model that represents accessibility standards and best practices while also incorporating any organization’s strategy to provide compliant accessible content in a digital format. the document includes industry standards for all formats along with custom rules, ongoing tracking of common issues and resolutions proved successful for consistency.


The ACM serves as the foundation and reference for the organization’s accessibility standards or internal team to make final determination on accessible solutions leaving nothing up to “interpretation” or “subjectivity”. Be proactive and resolve issues before they start. Create ongoing documentation of issues found and how to resolve or what impacts are against the end user.


The ACM is intended to be a not-so-technical document that serves as a reference and provides guidance to vendors, internal staff, and the Accessibility Team on best practices for accessibility based on WCAG, custom rules, best practices, certification program, etc. Intended to be a manual but also a customizable grab-n-go document to be distributed. However, if your organization would benefit from a technical document, it can be expanded. The ACM is a customizable solution for your organization.


Using the ACM will fulfill internal education, alleviate bottlenecks, create smoother workflows, have cost savings, improve communication, ensure consistent content practices, encourage upstream changes (editorially), and help identify platform/assistive technology improvements.

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