Embrace the Future: Expert Content Conversion Services

Welcome to the Content Conversion hub at Content Industries! As a leading consulting firm in the digital age, we specialize in helping organizations adapt their content to suit the ever-changing landscape of technology and user preferences. No matter the format or platform, our project management and technical support teams work closely with each client to ensure a smooth and effortless transition of their content. With our experience and industry-leading expertise, we’ll bring your content to life in ways that are engaging, adaptable, and innovative.

Our Top-Notch Conversion Services:

1. Superior Format Compatibility: With our in-depth knowledge of various formats, including PDF, EPUB2, EPUB3, MOBI, Interactive eBook, Enhanced eBook, Fixed Layout/Interactive EPUB and more, our team will repurpose your content to suit any desired delivery method.

2. XML/SGML and HTML Conversion: Experience seamless transformation of your existing content, as our experts effortlessly convert HTML4 to HTML5 or perform XML/SGML conversions.

3. Flash to HTML5 Conversion: Breathe new life into your legacy Flash content and make it accessible for modern audiences across various platforms by migrating to HTML5.

4. Image and DTD Conversion: Trust our team to effectively convert images into the appropriate format for your needs, or transition DTD files to other DTD formats with real-world applications.

5. Print-On-Demand (POD) Conversion: Reach a broader audience by making your content accessible in print form, as our team seamlessly converts digital content for print-on-demand platforms.

6. Interactive Experience: Elevate your content with interactive elements using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite or iBooks Author, as our expert team guides you through the conversion process.

7. EPUB Conversion Tool: Benefit from our easy-to-use, direct PDF-to-EPUB conversion tool, ensuring high-content accuracy and a seamless transfer of your content to the digital EPUB format.

Why Choose Content Industries?

At Content Industries, we believe that exceptional content deserves an exceptional transformation. We strive to provide expert service and support while maintaining a friendly, non-intimidating approach that appeals to a wide range of clients. Our team constantly updates their knowledge and skills to stay ahead in an ever-changing digital landscape, ensuring you receive superior service every step of the way.

Ready to embark on your content conversion journey with us? Contact us today and discover the limitless possibilities that await your content!

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