Case Studies

University of Phoenix

We were hired to build a workflow for delivering digital books to the University of Phoenix. We built a workflow with automated validation checks throughout to catch issues further upstream and speed up the overall process. This workflow that we created was extremely efficient and precise. So much so that over the course of two years, not a single book was returned to us for a rework.

The University of Phoenix was so impressed with the quality and delivery times of these titles, they hired us to be their exclusive source for digital books. We ended up taking over the production process for Thompson, McGraw-Hill and Wiley publishing companies.


The current format of choice for online textbook publishing is EPUB3. The first EPUB3 specification for education was released in November 2014 by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), and was suitably named EDUPUB. EDUPUB is 100% compliant with EPUB3, and improves upon it by requiring stricter compliance to accessibility standards, embracing reflow-able layouts to achieve device independence and standardizing the vocabulary used by higher education publishers for expressing essential constructs like glossaries, sidebars, indexes, chapters, etc.

The initial draft of the EDUPUB specification was developed by us for Pearson and then put into the public domain to allow it to be developed into an international standard. We continued to work with the IDPF throughout the process of refinement and subsequent revisions.

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