Content Validation Services

Content Validation Services

What is Content Validation? 

Efficiently creating error-free content is a goal shared by publishers and content producers everywhere.  So how can you get your workflow to output accurate content with as little manual intervention as possible?  The answer is Content Validation.  

At its core, Content Validation means checking content against a standard or ruleset.   And if all titles within your workflow were the same, this would be an easy task. But, as anyone familiar with publishing will tell you, different content has different needs.  The puzzle of Content Validation involves creating checks that are sufficient enough to catch problematic content without being so rigid that they create additional work.

That’s where Content Industries comes in.  We use our expertise to create Content Validation strategies that get smarter over time.  As exceptions come in, we train our systems to recognize them.  And our validation systems are smart enough to differentiate between showstoppers and best practice violations.  

Software will never be able to completely eliminate the need for a human touch.  That’s why our Validation systems provide clear, human-readable output that makes finding and correcting errors simple.  We tell you what happened—and we show you where. 

Our Content experts excel at identifying validations and tasks that can be automated to save time and reduce the potential for errors. The result? More accurate output with less manual intervention. Contact us today to learn more about how Content Industries can help optimize your workflow.

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