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R2Net: our RTF to HTML and XML converter. R2Net is available as a desktop application (Windows, Macintosh) as well as a developers version (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris) for integration with custom applications or websites. R2Net provides Docbook and HTML outputs, with full control over the output markup and conversion logic so that you can tailor those outputs to your specific needs. You can also develop new XML translations for your own DTD/Schema.

HTML Express: the easy way to go from Word and RTF to the Web. HTML Express is a desktop application for converting documents to web pages. It is a lightweight version of R2Net, for users who only need HTML output and do not need the extensive customization capabilities of R2Net. HTML Express is available for Windows and Macintosh (OSX) platforms.

Net2RTF: our HTML to RTF converter. Net2RTF is a Windows application that translates HTML back into RTF. It is available as a desktop application and DLL.

These products are now retired. Feel free to contact us if you need support regarding document conversions.

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