What is Accessibility?

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility in the realm of digital content is a huge and nuanced topic.  On a basic level, accessibility asks questions like, “Does someone need to be able to see or hear to access your content?”  But the concept as a whole runs much deeper than that.   The purpose of accessibility is to make your content easy for anyone to access. 

The dynamic nature of digital content means that one size no longer needs to fit all.  Images can easily be swapped for text read aloud, text itself can easily be made bigger or provided with higher contrast.   It all starts, however, with good practices on the creation side of things. 


Why is Accessibility Important? 

As we mentioned, Accessibility means that your content will be available to as many people as possible.  Good practices in accessibility can widen your reach and help build strong relationships with your customer-base.

In many instances, there is also a legal obligation to provide accessible content.   Cases involving web accessibility have seen an exponential rise in the past few years and discussions surrounding the regulation of digital content are ongoing.   Accessibility in the digital realm is something that is evolving, and that will continue to evolve—moreover, it’s also something content creators and web developers alike can no longer afford to ignore. 


Why Choose Content Industries? 

There is not currently a set, legal standard for digital and/or web accessibility.   Standards do exist—and are often referenced and used in accessibility cases—but the ADA has yet to make anything official.  This flexibility makes it very easy for companies to claim that they can offer quick, easy, one-time fixes to the challenges of accessibility.  But such fixes are often flimsy and seldom last. 

By adhering to the highest available standards and best practices, we’re able to offer our clients lasting peace of mind in the legal realm, and solutions that will be easy to maintain and grow as the discussions and technology surrounding accessibility continues.  We build strong relationships with our clients and use our expertise to ensure that they can make the absolute best decisions for their business at every turn.  

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