Workflow Audits

Overtime workflows grow and can become cumbersome. Reviewing internal operations can be biased, but a third-party consultant can offer a fresh look to analyze and make recommendations with optimal solutions.

Content Industries audits workflows as assigned in cooperation with the organization’s Accessibility Team (or any team) to review operations, analyze products, platforms and tools, and recommend improvements to the overall workflow that improves the quality and cycle time with regards to creating accessible digital content. 

We will review workflows and products as standalone files and/or within a platform. Discovery, analysis and recommendations will focus on reviewing workflow maps, confirm key steps in workflow, review inputs and outputs, confirm cycle times, look for bottlenecks/potential failure points, conduct interviews with the organization’s team, analyze errors and issues, and recommend modifications in a final report.


Exploration of usability within the product or content (how usable is your product with Assistive Technology). Product is interactive and content is consumable.


Checking compliance against published standards for digital content including websites, PDFs, ePubs, etc.

In consultation with the Client, we propose a multi-phased approach towards the end goal, defined as an accessible application/platform that meets the WCAG 2.1 A & AA standard, and a completed VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) associated to the work effort.

Each phase of the project will be undertaken and performed upon confirmation from the Client. The following table shows the different tasks, and approximate time to deliver. Each phase will be performed independently, on written confirmation from the client, outlined in the table below:

Phase 1: Initial Audit Phase 2: Client Remediation Phase 3: Verification Audit Phase 4: VPAT Creation and Delivery
Based upon a representative sampling of work screens in the Client Application, we will perform a complete WCAG 2.1 A & AA Audit, reporting on Pass, Fail, or Not Applicable. The final report will be delivered as an Excel spreadsheet. Once the initial Audit is completed, it is anticipated that the Client will commence remediation efforts. We will make ourselves available for spot consultation with the Remediation Team for issue consulting and trouble-shooting, via teleconference meetings of up-to 1 hour in length. Upon completion of the Remediation Phase, we will undertake a second Verification Audit to ensure issues noted during the first audit have been resolved. Once the Verification Audit has been completed, the results will be recorded into a VPAT document.

Assessments and Audits takes approximately a total of 60 hours. Subject to change.

At Content Industries, we believe in creating digital experiences that are accessible and inclusive for everyone. Our approach to achieving content accessibility ensures that your digital content, including websites, documents, and multimedia files, conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and serves a diverse audience. Here is an overview of our systematic process in making digital content accessible and guaranteeing ongoing accessibility.

Publishing Workflow

Need to streamline your workflow, maximize efficiency, and stay agile in an ever-evolving market? Content Industries offers tailored and effective workflow consulting services for all your unique digital content needs. We help review operations, products, platforms and tools, and in the end provide a report with modifications to improve overall quality as it applies to creating and remediating digital content.


      1. Initial Audit/Assessment: Content Industries will meet with your organization to learn about accessibility within workflows, products, platforms and content formats. In collaboration with the organization’s team, we will focus on the foundational operations and provide a brief synopsis of accessibility objectives and how to achieve those goals.

      1. Ensuring Stakeholder Commitment: Prior to entering a project scope, securing stakeholder commitment across the organization is instrumental, and hard. Our team understands and works closely with all members of the organization to align with the accessibility objectives.

      1. Project Scope: Our comprehensive audit and/or assessment process focuses on content and technical reviews to achieve industry standards and legal requirements. By utilizing automated tools for accessibility rules and conducting careful manual reviews including an inclusive user experience by testing your digital content from the perspective of people with disabilities. Our roadmap will guide you through making required improvements and resources, along with the adjustments within workflow to integrate checkpoints right into your current internal process and seeing it through til the end.

    1. Continued Support: Our thorough assessment of your content and products will meet the standards of accessibility. Once we have swept through your content and programs, maintaining and updating workflows as new standards are created or updated will be seamless.

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